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Assam Police Central Distress Fund
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Aims and Objectives
It has been long felt that Assam Police employees and their families face a lot of financial hardships in case of any distress caused due to death/ accident or due to acute medical problems e.g. permanent disability due to injuries caused on duty or any other serious injuries on duty leading to hospitalization etc. In such cases, financial assistance from the government at times is a time consuming process and the relief required may not be immediate or complete. In consultation with senior officers and the different units of the Assam Police, a resolution was taken and thus the “Assam Police Central Distress Fund“ was established in order to provide immediate financial assistance to the employees and their families in addition to the regular financial assistance from the government. Subsequently, a bank account was opened in the above name in the State bank Of India. Finance will be created by voluntary subscription from willing employees of all ranks.

Only those employees who pay voluntary subscription will be eligible to receive relief from this fund.

Amount of Relief
Immediate financial relief is processed as per scale below:

a) In case of Death: - Due to extremist action/ accident on duty Rs. 1,00,000/-
b) Treatment for serious injury in accident on duty, in case of hospitalization, up to a maximum of Rs. 20,000/- subsequently raised to Rs. 50, 000/-
c) For getting artificial limbs for injury on duty:- Actual expenses incurred for treatment and purchase of artificial limbs.
d) Permanent disability for injury on duty – Rs. 50,000/-
e) Financial assistance is also given to Police officers/ men who become victims or sustain injuries in the hands of extremists even if such an incident takes place when they are not on duty.

Scheme of Voluntary Subscription
Voluntary subscription is collected as per the annual rate of subscription (given below) from the salary of August, to be drawn in September every year, from all willing employees of Assam Police –

i. 4th Grade Employee / Constable/Hav Rs. 10/ P.M. i.e. Rs. 120/- per year
ii. ASI/SI Rs. 12/- P.M. i.e. Rs. 144/- per year
iii. Inspector Rs. 15/- P.M. i.e. Rs. 180/- per year
iv. SP/Addl. SP/DSP Rs. 20/- P.M. i.e. Rs. 240/- per year
v. DIGP and above Rs. 25/- per month i.e. Rs. 300/- per year.

The DDOs shall send the nominal roll of subscribers along with the Bank Draft in favour of the Assam Police Central Distress Fund. Records of the names of the employees who pay voluntary subscription, who thereby become eligible for relief from this fund, are maintained at the Assam Police Headquarters, Ulubari, Guwahati. All account records relating to the fund are operated at the Assam Police Headquarters.

Further, an employee, who has not contributed voluntary subscription, can opt for this scheme and become eligible for relief from this fund effective from the date of payment of voluntary subscription.

All cases seeking relief from this fund are forwarded/ recommended by a Committee consisting of the Inspector General of Police (Trng. & Armed Police)/ Dy. Inspector General of Police (MPC)/ Dy. Inspector General of Police (Admin). The Committee shall clear all cases within 15 days of receipt of the particulars of the petitioner from the controlling authority, except in those cases when legal heir (next of kin) cannot be ascertained immediately. In case of any dispute over the next of kin, legal procedure will be followed as in case of pension.

All withdrawals pertaining to relief are done on signature of the Chairman of the Assam Police Central Distress Fund.

Central Board
The fund is controlled and administered by the following Central Board:

1. Director General of Police - Chairman – Final controlling authority.
2. Addl. Director General of Police (Admin) - Working President.
3. Inspector General of Police (OSD) - Secretary.
4. Asstt. Inspector General of Police (Admin) – Treasurer

General Body
Besides the above officers, a General Body consisting of two personnel from each rank has been formed. The General Body shall hold an annual meeting to discuss the functioning of the fund.



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