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Progress of CCTNS in Assam

S.No. Date

Brief of important activity undertaken by Assam police

01.   Govt of Assam Home Department  nominated IGP CID as Nodal Officer for CCTNS Project and same is conveyed to MHA on 18-07-08.
02. 20-12-2008

Proposal for implementation of CCTNS  in 15% of the State Police stations and higher offices has been submitted for approval MHA, Govt. of India and NCRB in prescribed formats.

03. 22-12-2008 Assam Police Housing Corporation (APHC)  nominated as State Designated Agency (SDA) for Assam for exchange, utilization and accountability of funds allotted under CCTNS project. A separate bank account was opened in favour of SDA/ APHC for the aforesaid purposes. The details of the same were conveyed to MHA vide no. HMA 380/2008/68 dtd. 22-12-08 as per their requirement.
04. 19-02-2009

Government structure of required committees and teams was constituted as per GoI guidelines. The State Apex Committee(SAC) consists of Chief Secretary Assam as chairperson with other members like CMD, APHC, Ltd., Assam, Principal Secretary (Home), Assam, Principal Secretary (Finance), Commissioner & Secretary Information & Technology Assam, ADGP, CID, Assam, Senior Technical Director(NIC) Assam, IGP, CID, Nodal Officer, CCTNS, Assam, Director, SCRB, Assam, Representative of MHA, Govt. of India, Director, IIT, Guwahati.
The State Empowered Committee(SEC) under the chairmanship of DGP with the members like IGP, CID, Nodal Officer, Secretary (Finance), NCRB representative, Secretary (Home),  Representative, Secretary, Information and Technology, Assam, Senior Technical director, NIC, Representative of APHC, Assam.
The State Mission Team(SMT) constituted under the leadership of IGP, CID, Nodal Officer, CCTNS, Assam
with other members like Director, SCRB, CMD, APHC,  and SIO Assam.
The District Mission Teams(DMT) was constituted under the chairmanship of SP of concerned district with other members like ASP/DySP (HQ) of concerned district, DIO of concerned district and in-charge computer center of the concerned district.

05. 24-09-09 Apex Committee meeting held in the conference room of Chief Secretary
06. 30-09-09 MoU signed by Principal Secretary, Home & Political on behalf of Assam Government on 30-09-09 and submitted with MHA on 06-10-2009.which was signed by MHA on 15-02-2010.

In the meeting of SMT it was decided that DoIT,
Assam will prepare draft EoI for selection of SPMC.

08. 05-11-09 Separate Bank Account opened for SDA
09. 27-11-09 Release of Grant-in-aids to State for the financial year 2009-10 received Rs. 332.94 lakhs
10. 20.02.2010 Received Demand Draft No. 155969 dtd. 01-02-2010 for Rs. 332.94 Lakhs only from MHA
11. 16-03-2010

State Mission Team meeting held on 16-03-2010 under the chairmanship of CMD, APHC in the conference room of Assam Police Housing Corporation.
The members present :

  1. A K Jha, IPS, IGP(CID) & Nodal Officer CCTNS
  2. A K Bharali, Chief Engg. APHC
  3. Diganta Barman, Tech. Director, NIC
  4. Nirmal Baishya, Dy.SP(CID)
12. 23-03-2010 A Separate CCTNS Cell established under the supervision of DIG.CID Assam.
13. 10-05-2010 State Apex Committee meeting held on 10-05-2010 in the conference room of Chief Secretary, Assam to review the progress of implementation CCTNS and appointment of SPMC
14. 13-05-2010

A committee constituted for creating awareness of benefits of ICT and development of basic computer skills with the following officers :
2. Director, SCRB (Convenor)
3. DIG, Trg.
4. DIG, SB
5. DIG, SR
6. Principal, PTC
7. Tech. Director, NIC
8. Dy.S.P., CID (I/C CCTNS)

15. 21-05-2010 Draft NIT for purchasing Hardware and peripherals for CCTNS training labs sent to Commissioner, IT Dept, Govt. of Assam for vetting
16. 24-05-2010 Meeting of the State Empowered Committee for selection of SPMC held in the conference hall of APHq
17. 28-06-2010 Grant in aid received Rs. 26.00 lakhs for the financial year 2010-11 towards funding for strengthening infrastructure at RTS/PTC
18. 29-06-2010 A State core team having domain expertise is formed to assist the State Mission Team for implementation of the CCTNS project.
19. 30-06-2010 All districts are instructed to form a District Mission Team
20. 30-06-2010 An agreement made for SPMC (State Project Management Consultant) between Assam Police and M/s IL&FS.
21. 13-07-2010 The  committee for finalising capacity building program meet in the office chamber of Nodal Officer, CCTNS for finalise the training modules.
22. 14-07-2010 All districts are instructed to form a core group at district  for implementation of the CCTNS project.
23. 16-07-2010 All Districts SsP are instructed to carry out the site preparation work for training lab under CCTNS project
24. 28-07-2010 Dr. G V Siva Prasad, IPS, SP Barpeta nominated as co-opted member in State Mission Team
25. 29-07-2010 Training modules for capacity building sent to APHQ for  approval of DGP, Assam


SDA (Software Development Agency) M/s WIPRO visited the State for gathering information on CAS (Core Application Software)
27. 05-08-2010 Proposal of AMTRON on training of police personnel sent to Commissioner, IT Dept. for opinion/ recommendation/ approval.
28. 06-08-2010 A meeting was held in the office chamber of ADGP,CID between State Core Team and SDA on  CAS
29. 11-08-2010 Commissioner, IT Dept vetted the draft NIT for purchasing the Hardware and peripherals for computer labs
30. 12-08-2010 Commissioner, IT Dept. examined the proposal of AMTRON and recommended for training of police personnel
31. 23-08-2010 Basic Training Module prepared for capacity building activities approved by Assam Police Hq.
32. 26-08-2010 Tender document floated for supply, installation, networking and commissioning of IT hardware for 33(thirty three) nos of CCTNS training labs in Assam
33. 03-09-2010 Assessment report of SDA for Assam received 
34. 05-09-2010 The assessment report sent to the CCTNS Core team members for comments
35. 13-09-2010 Clarification on the Assessment report sent to NCRB 
36. 15-09-2010 Approval received from DGP, Assam to engage AMTRON for Capacity Building
37. 16-09-2010 Digitised copy of Assam Police Act 2007 sent to NCRB for creating a legal library for CAS
38. 20-09-2010 Correction on CCTNS progress Dashboard sent to NCRB
39. 22-09-2010 Agreement signed on Capacity Building with AMTRON
40. 22-09-2010 Discussion on draft PIM report with SPMC at Office Chamber of ADGP, CID, Assam
41. 22-09-2010 Instruction issued to all SPs to coordinate with AMTRON for conducting of training from 1st October 2010.
42. 01-10-2010 Addl. DGP, CID Assam and representative of SPMC attended a workshop at New Delhi which was convened by NCRB
43. 01-10-2010 AMTRON started IT Basic Training Course to the Police personnel throughout the state in 22Nos. District Computer Centre(DCC)
44. 05-10-2010 Progress/status of implementation of CCTNS project sent to Home(A), Govt. of Assam in connection with letter received from Hon’ble Home Minister, Govt. of India.
45. 15-10-2010 Draft PIM report submitted by SPMC and forwarded to  MHA/NCRB and circulated to State IT Commissioner, DIG(SR), DIG(SB) and DIG(CID) through e-mail for examination and feedback
46. 20-10-2010 State Empowered Committee Meeting held at Police Hq chaired by DGP, Assam and approved 
  1. 33 nos. of LCD projector for  training labs to be purchased under DGS&D rate contract
  2. Committee also agreed to purchase DG set under DGS&D rate contract if available
  3. Committee approved release of 40% payment to SPMC against total allocation
47. 20-10-2010 State Apex Committee meeting held at the Conference Hall of Chief Secretary, Assam, Dispur to review the progress of the CCTNS project. The meeting was chaired by  Chief Secretary, Assam and minutes drawn.
48. 21-10-2010 Supply Order issued to M/S e-solution, Guwahati to supply the 33 nos. of LCD projectors for the training labs.
49. 10-11-2010 AMTRON submitted Status Report of IT Basic Training Course. So far 1131 personnel were trained up through their DCC.
50. 13-11-2010 Technical committee meeting held at CID Hq for evaluation of technical bids for selection of vendor to setup 33 nos. of CCTNS trg. Lab. The meeting was  chaired by IGP(security), Assam
51. 15-11-2010 PIM evaluation report received from NCRB and circulated through e-mail to DIG(SR), DIG(SB), DIG(CID) for their comments.
52. 15-11-2010 IL&FS was requested to submit final PIM report after rectifying the observations made by NCRB.
53. 18-11-2010 Commercial Bid open at CID H.Qr for selection of vendor to set up 33 nos. of CCTNS Trg. Lab.
54. 18-11-2010 Monthly Progress Report sent to MHA/NCRB through E-mail for the month of October, 2010
55. 19-11-2010

Grant-in-aid of Rs309.39 Lakhs received from Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi towards the following two project activities

  1. Appointment of State Project Management Unit(SPMU)
  2. Appointment of System Integrator
56. 25-11-2010 Message sent for expedite action of site preparation to the defaulter districts. So far 18 Nos. of Districts proposals have been approved and action is initiated for release of Fund.
57. 01-12-2010

Message sent to all District SP and Range IGsP/DIGsP for identifying 15% PS of insurgency  infested / Power deficient locations for installing both VSAT and solar power Backup.

58. 04-12-2010 Proposal sent to Govt. for hiring of IT professionals to be engaged in the CCTNS project as per decision taken in the State Apex Committee meeting on 20-10-2010.
59. 07-12-2010 Letter issued to MD, AMTRON for modification in clause no- 2.4 of the agreement signed with AMTRON for Capacity Building (training).
60. 10-12-2010 Monthly Progress Report for the month of Nov’2010 has been sent to NCRB
61. 21-12-2010 Message sent to all district for furnishing the details of existing power backup Generator (DG set) procured under MPF, SRE or any other scheme
62. 22-12-2010 CMD, APHC (SDA) was requested to furnish details of interest accrued on CCTNS funds.
63. 24-12-2010 SPMC has been requested to prepare RFP(Request For Proposal) for selection of SI(System Integrator)
64. 27-12-2010

The meeting of State Empowered Committee held at the Assam Police Hqrs and the following decisions were taken:-

1. M/S HCL Info systems Ltd. Has been selected for supplying & commissioning of H/W and peripherals in the 33 no.s of CCTNS training Lab across the State.

2. Project Implementation and Monitoring Report (PIM) on CCTNS Project as prepared by SPMCs was approved for onward submission to MHA/NCRB, New Delhi.

3. Due to the delay in some administrative process the Empowered committee recommended  another 4 months extension of terms for SPMC.
65. 28-12-2010 Letter of Intent issued to M/S HCL Infosystems for supplying HW and Peripherals in the CCTNS trg labs.  
66. 28-12-2010 Agreement signed between Assam Police CCTNS Project and M/S HCL Info systems Ltd. for supplying HW and Peripherals in the 33 nos. CCTNS trg labs.  
67. 01-01-2011 Minutes of the State Empowered Committee held on 27th Dec 2010 sent to (1) Commissioner and Secretary (Home), Govt of Assam, (2) CMD, APHC Ltd (SDA), (3) Joint  Director, NCRB and (4) IGP (MPC), Assam
68. 03-01-2011 A meeting held at the office chamber of IGP, CID cum Nodal officer CCTNS, Assam for selection of HW which will be considered in the RFP prepared by SPMC. The meeting was chaired by IGP, CID and attended by DIG (SB), DIG (CID), DySP (CID), SPMC representative and Inspector CCTNS
69. 04-01-2011 Monthly Progress Report for the month of DEC’2010 and Quarterly Financial report (3rd Qtr) has been sent to NCRB
70. 04-01-2011 Revised PIM submitted to NCRB and MHA for approval
71. 05-01-2011 Message sent to all District requesting to form a 3 member team meant for CCTNS trg lab
72. 10-01-2011 Nodal Officer issued letter to all SsP, Range DIG/ IG for
enhancement of electrical load at PSs and other offices.
73. 18-01-2011 A meeting held in office chamber of IGP, CID, Assam with
representative of BSNL, Assam circle to discuss connectivity
requirement for CCTNS project
74. 29-01-2011 A committee is formed to scrutinize the RFP for selection of SI as per the guidelines issued by the MHA for putting necessary recommendations to customize the same under the chairmanship of DIG CID Assam
75. 05-02-2011 Proposal submitted to IGP(MPC) for Solar Power Backup in
power deficient PSs under MPF scheme for CCTNS project
76. 10-02-2011 Status of CCTNS project submitted to IGP(L&O), Assam for kind perusal of DGP, Assam
77. 15-02-2011 Received the approval letter from MHA,GOI for the funds
sanctioned reflected on PIM, submitted by the State vide No.22011/23(3)/2010-SR-CCTNS dtd. 15-02-2011
78. 14-02-2011 SPMC submitted draft RFP (Vol - I & II) to the Nodal Officer
79. 15-02-2011 EOI for short listing eligible SI(System Integrator) published
by the Nodal Officer CCTNS project
80. 28-02-2011 A team of 3(three) members from MHA conducted Concurrent Evaluation / Audit of the CCTNS in Assam
81. 03-03-2011 Draft RFP document were sent to NCRB, Home/ IT dept.,
Govt. of Assam for vetting and necessary modification through mail
82. 05-03-2011 Nodal Officer communicated to Joint Director, NCRB for
revision of sanctioned amount for implementation of CCTNS project
83. 09-03-2011 IGP, CID, Assam attended National Level workshop for Nodal officers held at NCRB, New Delhi
84. 11-03-2011 EOI evaluation committee submitted report
85. 11-03-2011 Nodal Officer, CCTNS communicated to Chief Electoral
Officer, Assam seeking permission to float SI, RFP
86. 21-03-2011 State Empowered Committee meeting held at APHQ for
approval of RFP document
87. 24-03-2011 Received permission from Election Commission of India for
floating the RFP
88. 31-03-2011 Final RFP floated to all eligible bidders
89. 08-04-2011 A committee formed to scrutinize all the pre-bid queries
received from the bidders and OEM
90. 12-04-2011 Nodal Officer issued letter to all SsP asking reports regarding
CCTNS implementation, District Mission Team Meeting and
target for next six months
91. 12-04-2011 Nodal Officer issued letter to MD, AMTRON regarding
secondary connectivity for the CCTNS through ASWAN
92. 12-04-2011 Final hard copy of RFP document sent to DGP/Assam, CMD/ APHC and Commissioner Home, Govt. of Assam
93. 25-04-2011 Minutes of the pre-bid meeting held on 21-04-2011 sent to
DGP/Assam, CMD/APHC, JD/NCRB, Commissioner Home& IT and participating bidder
94. 28-04-2011 Corrigendum issued against the RFP for selection of SI
95. 03-05-2011 A review meeting held in office chamber of IGP, CID, Assam
with representative of BSNL, Assam circle to discuss
connectivity requirement for CCTNS project
96. 07-05-2011 All District Mission Teams are requested to furnish the committee proceedings for material received and commissioning of the District Training Lab
97. 09-05-2011 Nodal Officer CCTNS requested to SSP City, SP Dhubri, SP Kamrup and SP Nagaon to keep man/materials in readiness for Pilot implementation
98. 10-05-2011 System Integrator (SI)  bid submission date extended upto 20th May 2011
99. 16-05-2011 Corrigendum issued regarding data digitization and data migration of SI RFP
100. 21-05-2911 Prebid meeting for opening of bids  for selection of SI took place at the conference hall of CID Hq.
101. 24-05-2011 State level Empowered Committee on MPF Scheme 2011-12 for inclusion of Solar based power backup under CCTNS project held at Conference room of Chief Secretary, Assam
102. 24-05-2011 A video conference was held between MHA with State Home Secretary to discuss for power backup solution under CCTNS project where State Nodal Officer was also present
103. 30-05-2011 State Mission Team meeting held at CID Hq for details
104. 31-05-2011 Technical committee meeting held for evaluation of technical bid for selection of SI
105. 01-06-2011 NCRB conducted 1(one) day workshop on Pilot Implementation where Addl.SP , City Ghty and One SI from Dhubri attended from Assam.
106. 06-06-2011
A pilot implementation  workshop was held at CID Hq conducted by NCRB
107. 16-06-2011 A one day conference on CCTNS and Human Trafficking was held at APHQ and attended by the DG NCRB, Addl Secretary Home. Govt. of India and Representative of NE States
108. 17-06-2011 Nodal Officer circulated progress note on CCTNS in Assam to all District SsP and range IG/DIG.
109. 22-06-2011 A detailed report on implementation of CCTNS in ASSAM and achievement so far in soft copy distributed to DGP Assam, Chief Secretary Assam, CMD APHC Ltd and Home Secretary Govt. of Assam.
110. 27-06-2011 State Empowered Committee meeting held at APHQ to discuss the selection of SI
111. 19-07-2011 Technical Committee Meeting chaired by DIG/SR held at CID Hqr for Technical Bid Evaluation
112. 22-07-2011 A review meeting was held at the office chamber of IGP,CID with concerned district SsP on data digitization for Pilot testing
113. 25-07-2011 Minutes of the review meeting of CCTNS matters which was chaired by Addl Secretary(CS), MHA on 16th June at APHQ sent to CMD/APHCL, Secretary Home , Govt of Assam
114. 26-07-2011 State Empowered committee meeting held in the conference hall of DGP office and minutes drawn. The SEC directed the technical committee to reevaluate the bid.
115. 28-07-2011 State Nodal officer attended a meeting with Union Home Secretary at New Delhi to discuss the progress and implementation of CCTNS project
116. 28-07-2011 An Action Taken Report on CCTNS is sent to ADGP(L&O) by the DIG/CID, Assam
117. 01-08-2011 DIG, CID Assam attended the meeting of the Central e-Mission Team to review the CCTNS project at New Delhi


Technical Committee Meeting chaired by DIG/NR held at CID Hqr for Technical Bid Evaluation
119. 08-08-2011 A review meeting  held in office chamber of IGP, CID, Assam with GM, Kamrup  of BSNL, Assam circle to discuss connectivity requirement for CCTNS Pilot location.
120. 09-08-2011 Technical Committee Meeting chaired by DIG/NR held at CID Hqr for Technical Bid Evaluation and declared M/S Rolta India Ltd and  M/S HCL Technologies both are  technically eligible for SI. Minutes drawn.
121. 10-08-2011 Commercial Bid opening Committee meeting chaired by SSP/CID, Assam held at CID Hqrs.
122. 19-08-2011 A meeting to discuss the provisioning of SWAN and SDC for CCTNS held at the Office chamber of IGP/CID, Assam and attended by representative of state IT Deptt and AMTRON
123. 20-08-2011 A proposal for procurement of ICT equipments for Pilot implementation of CCTNS is sent to APHQ for Approval.
124. 23-08-2011 M/S HCL Technologies Ltd. declared as the successful bidder after Techno Commercial evaluation as per the RFP.
125. 23-08-2011 A price negotiation committee for selection of SI have been approved by the DGP/Assam
126. 25-08-2011 Approval of DGP/Assam for procurement of ICT equipments for Pilot location received.
127. 26-08-2011 Supply order placed to the selected firm for supplying necessary H/W and LAN accessories for the identified pilot location within 7(seven) days.
128. 06-09-2011 Sustainability Plan for CCTNS project send to Home Dept., Govt. of Assam.
129. 14-09-2011 Price Negotiation Committee Meeting held at CID Hq chaired by Addl. D.G., CID, Assam
130 21-09-2011 Sh A K Jha, IPS ADGP(MPC) is allowed to hold the additional charge of ADGP (Crime & CCTNS) by Govt. of Assam.
131. 22-09-2011 State Empowered Committee Meeting held at Police Guest House, Ulubari.
132. 21-10-2011 A Meeting held with State Finance Secretary for additional financial allocations for CCTNS project
133 31-10-2911 State Apex Committee meeting held in the conference hall of Chief Secretary, Assam to discuss the process of selection of SI (System Integrator)
134 02-11-2011 Nodal Officers meeting to review the progress of CCTNS project held at North Block, MHA, New Delhi and attended by Nodal Officer CCTNS, Assam.
135 15-11-2011 Negotiation meeting held with M/S HCL Technologies in the Office chamber of ADGP(MPC) Cum Nodal officer CCTNS.
136. 17-11-2011 Letter issued to IG, CCTNS, NCRB regarding revision of sanction amount for implementation of CCTNS. 
137. 17-11-2011 Letter issued to Commissioner & Secretary, Govt. of Assam regarding deputation of IT personnel from AMTRON.
138. 18-11-2011 Letter issued to Secretary (Home) for holding a meeting to finalise the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with BSNL for providing connectivity.
139. 22-11-2011 MHA released Grant in Aid of Rs.31.72 Lakhs for the Financial Year 2011-12 towards Networking
140. 26-11-2011 A negotiation Meeting held at the Chamber of ADGP/MPC and attended by representatives of HCL Technology and SPMC
141. 09-12-2011 CAS lite software distributed to all districts and instructed to  load in all the district training centres.
142. 15-12-2011 Reminder issued to IG, CCTNS, NCRB regarding revision of sanction amount for implementation of CCTNS. 
143. 22-12-2011 A one day workshop on CCTNS held at CID Hqr for giving exposure on CCTNS CAS Lite to the representative of districts.
144. 02-01-2012 Joint Assistant Director, NCRB visited Pilot Location at Chandmari P.S. and interact with Police Personnel of City Police and WIPRO personnel.
145. 03-01-2012 A meeting between Nodal Officer and Finance Commissioner held for discovering prices for final selection of State System Integrator to implement CCTNS. It was attended by Secretary Home, member from SPMC and Semt
146. 04-01-2012 A committee is formed with Nodal Officer, CCTNS, MD, Assam Electronics Development Corporation or his representative and GM/BSNL Enterprise Business, Assam for connectivity process and sent to MHA/NCRB
147. 07-01-2012 A CCTNS CAS Lite loading workshop was held at CID HQr. 15 district representative attended the workshop.
148. 16-01-2012 One day workshop held at NEW Delhi at Sourya (CRPF Officers training Institute) on release of final CCTNS and status of selection of State System Integrator. All Nodal Officers are attended the workshop. JS(CS) chaired the workshop
149. 17-01-2012 The State Apex Committee Meeting held at Chief Secretaries Conference hall to discuss the finalization of selection of System Integrator
150. 21-01-2012 A meeting was held at the Chamber of ADGP/MPC to discuss issues related to connectivity solution of CCTNS Project. It was attended by GM, BSNL and rep. of AMTRON
151. 31-01-2012 The PAG (Process Advisory Group) Meeting was held at MHA, GOI, New Delhi. It was attended by Nodal Officer CCTNS, Assam
152. 10-02-2012 Approval of selection of State SI (System Integrator) received from State Apex Committee.
153. 10-02-2012 LoI ( Letter of Intent) issued to M/S HCL Technologies Ltd.
154. 15-02-2012 Regional workshop on CCTNS connectivity held at the Conference Hall of Assam Police Hqr.
155. 16-02-2012 Nodal officer CCTNS attended PAG meeting at NCRB, New Delhi.
156. 15-03-2012 Received Grant in Aid for financial year 2011-2012 of Rs. 251.55 lakhs as second installment towards SI(System Integrator).
158. 16-03-2012 Service Level Agreement(SLA) signed with local BSNL for network and connectivity for CCTNS
159. 21-03-2012 Govt. of Assam authorized Nodal Officer CCTNS to sign the Master Service Agreement with the SI on behalf of CMD, APHC.
160. 21-03-2012 Master Services Agreement(MSA) executed with M/S HCL Technologies Ltd. and Assam Police.
161. 31-03-2012 A meeting was held at CID Hq. in presence of BSNL, DIT and SWAN regarding connectivity in Pilot locations which was chaired by DD, NCRB.
162. 07-04-2012 Nodal Officer CCTNS circulated a letter to all SP/Range DIG & IG regarding implementation of CCTNS project at districts and requested to monitor the progress of the project.
163. 07-04-2012 Nodal Officer CCTNS submitted the status report on CCTNS project to Dy. Secretary, Home, Govt. of Assam for CM’s conference on Internal Security meeting.
163. 08-05-2012 A meeting was held on  tracking of activities for CCTNS network and connectivity. The meeting was chaired by Nodal Officer CCTNS and attended by BSNL, SWAN and SI.
164. 08-05-2012 Letter received from Director (CS), MHA, Govt. of India regarding approval of engaging SPMU by the Ministry. M/S KPMG selected for ASSAM as SPMU.
155. 04-06-2012 Letter of Intent (LOI) issued to M/S KPMG Ltd. for appointment as SPMU(State Project Management Unit) for CCTNS project
166. 18-06-2012 Two technical persons one from SI and one from SPMU are attended a Workshop organized by (Software Development Agency)SDA at NCRB, New Delhi
167. 18-08-2012 Contract signed between SPMU & APHCL
168. 05-09-2012 Review meeting between SPMU & BSNL at BSNL office regarding BSNL connectivity progress.
169. 01-10-2012 Monthly work progress review meeting of CCTNS project. (SI,SPMU,AMTRON,Assam Police,BSNL)
170. 15-10-2012 Go-ahead given for Phase I sites to SI for hardware delivery and project roll out covering 14 districts of Assam.
171. 05-11-2012 Empowered committee meeting held for CCTNS review along with SI,SPMU,BSNL,AMTRON
172. 07-11-2012 Workshop conducted for 27 SI(P) deployed at districts to implement and monitor CCTNS project by SPMU at SCRB HQ, Ulubari
173. 25-12-2012 CCTNS Go-Live of Pilot districts of Kamrup rural & Guwahati city successfully completed and Data Centre is functional at alternate Data Centre in Amtron
174. 13-02-2013 Empower Committee meeting held to review the progress of CCTNS project. Emphasis given on BSNL/SI to expedite the work.
175. 01-03-2013 Discussions on issues of CAS and action plan conducted between state ,SI & SPMU
176. 20-03-2013 Sensitization workshop was conducted by State and SPMU at Eastern Range Jorhat.
177. 22-03-2013 Sensitization workshop was conducted by State and SPMU at Northern Range Sonitpur
178. 25-03-2013 Sensitization workshop was conducted by State and SPMU at CWR guwahati
179. 01-04-2013 Meeting with NIC for domain hosting through SSDG, Naming of Citizen portal and ip address.
180. 03-04-2013 DeMT review meeting was held at Nalbari regarding review of CCTNS implementation.
181. 03-04-2013 Sensitization workshop was conducted by SPMU at BTAD Kokrajhar
182. 04-04-2013 Sensitization workshop was conducted by State and SPMU at western range Bongaigaon
183. 10-04-2013 Sensitization workshop was conducted by State and SPMU at Southern Range Cachar.
184. 10-04-2013 Selection and screening of Handholding resources completed as directed by NCRB
185. 19-04-2013 Meeting withAMTRON bySPMU & SI regarding mini datacenter power issue,IP schema, and Amtron DC-NDC ( New Delhi) link
186. 26-04-2013 Review meeting with BSNL/SI/SPMU to expedite the connectivity across Assam
187. 01-05-2013 Sensitization workshop was conducted by SPMU at Central Range Karbi Anglong
188. 29-05-2013 Video Conf with JS(CS), MHA by Nodal Officer to review the project progress. The project is targeted to be completed by 31 Aug 2013 across Assam.
189. 01-06-2013 Citizen Portal is being tested for pilot launch
190. 06-06-2013 Sate Empowered Committee meeting is held to review the status of CCTNS Assam. Emphasis given on BSNL and SI to expedite the work.
191. 07.06.2013 Citizen portal pilot launch is successfully launched w.e.f Jun 2013 and is currently on pilot testing with URL – assampolice.assam.gov.in. SMS service is being configured with the citizen portal to enable citizen to get the SMS confirmation in their mobile for any kind of complaint registered or services they are seeking
192. 17.01.2014 Email Service are launched in Jan 2014 and all connected PS and higher offices may leverage the service for day to day communication. APRO is using the service for exchanging mail communication with all DHQ.
193. 14.10.2014 Performance dashboard is enabling to generate various reports such as crime statistics, Monthly GD and FIR in a district or PS, yearly Dacoity, total crime against women etc.
194. 17.01.2015 Quarterly return of SCRB has been auto-generated for different types of forms and registers
195. 15.01.2015 Data Digitization of 35000 historical records (SR Cases only )is completed.
196. 26.02.2015 Data Center of CCTNS Project is functional at AMTRON mini Data center. Out of total 466 identified locations 228 Police stations and 149 Higher offices are functional as on date.
197. 26.02.2015 Total GD- 342137, FIR- 64781 has been generated online by Police stations since Jan 2014 onwards. Most of the Police stations are completed 100% FIR generation through online during the year 2014
198. 26.02.2015 As on date handholding resources has been deployed at 17 districts to assist PS in their day to day CCTNS Activities.



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