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Arrested Car Lifters
Home » Auto Theft Information » Arrested Car Lifters
The following people were arrested in respect of various cases pertaining to motor vehicle thefts. Following is the gist of their modus operandi.

» Obtaining of D/Licenses in fake names with these photographs and get employed as driver.
» With or without collusion of a driver they obtain details of the target vehicle and make fake documents.
» Some of them hire a vehicle and kill the driver.
» Some of them hire a vehicle and kill the driver.
» They use various tools and equipments to get the vehicle started within no time.

A Ali
Abdul Aziz Choudhury
Abdul Matin Choudhury
Abdul Rashid
Ajay Chadda @ Raju @ Rinku
Ajay Saddah Raju
Akhtar choudhury
Alauddin Ahmed @ Apple
Alibur Ali
Amardeep Mishra (Bihar)
Amosh Singh
Ananda Tirki 24
Anowar Ali
Arun Singh1
Arun Singh (Manipur)
Ashif Rahman Choudhury
Ashok Ram (4)
Ashutosh Biswas
Azibor Ali (Chaygaon)
Babul Das
Bakul Baruah (2)
Banti Basumatary (2)
Barun Rajbanshi
Unidentifed 1
Bharat Ch Das (4)
Bijoy kr. Singh (Patna)
Bijoy Rai @ Ajay @ Sukhchan
Bijoy Roy @ Raju Das @ Sakh
Biju Rajkhowa (4)
Bikash Thapa (WB)
Bimal Brahma
Biman Dutta @ Biman Borua
Binesh Singha
Binod Das @ Ghorawala
Binod Rai
Binoy Singh
Biraj Rai
Biswa Das @
Banagal (2)
Biswajit Singh



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